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Designer, Strategist, Brand Empire Architect

I left my corporate job in Manhattan to follow my creative passion and build a business that allows me to use my background in marketing, business, design, and even architecture . I began helping entrepreneurs find their uniqueness and use it as the foundation for their brand strategy. I saw not only better visual results, but higher levels of confidence and success in those I worked with. 

Everyday, I push clients to think beyond their logo and to create a complete brand that drives emotional connection and lasting loyalty. We focus on the 3 c's of branding that I believe are essential in attracting more ideal clients: clarity, consistency, and communication. And after our work is done, clients will achieve the final C: Confidence. 

I believe your brand should stand for your ultimate mission and when it does, you'll attract only your ideal clients who align with your ultimate business goals.

Rebecca Dowden

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