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.If you want to get kids excited about climate change, a talk by former NASA climatologist James Hansen and educator turned activist Al Gore can’t help. But it might be time for a different message. If you want to get parents to care about climate change, you’ve got to make it into a competition. A new report by the World Wildlife Fund lays out a strategy for making kids care more about climate change, and it starts with a competition. WWF has been working on the report for the past four years, and it has seen support from some surprising corners: Walmart, General Motors and Microsoft. Walmart is investing millions of dollars to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and the company has come to the conclusion that you can’t succeed at reducing emissions if you don’t have real data. That’s why it’s funding the creation of the first “global collection of climate data.” The data will be available online, on mobile devices and in a social media format, so that everyone can see where emissions are coming from. The data collection is just the beginning of WWF’s efforts to make data on climate change into a common currency of sorts. It also aims to engage kids in a conversation about climate change. And the winner of the competition will get to attend the Copenhagen climate talks in December. Here’s how it works. First, the WWF has created a Climate Change Literacy Prize, aimed at kids. It’s designed to raise awareness about climate change by first teaching kids about the importance of data in understanding the issue. The prize will pay for $1 million in data collected around the world, and 100 schools will be chosen to receive the prize. Each school will be required to provide all its students with real data on climate change, collected by a student. They’ll also be able to enter their climate data into an interactive game to compare it with that of their peers. Second, the World Wildlife Fund is creating a competition that will involve hundreds of thousands of students from across the world. “Competitions are powerful ways to spark interest in a cause and bring to life the ideas of strategic communications,” reads the report, “Winning the Climate War: A Strategy for Mobilizing Kids and Parents.” “With these kids, in the midst of their school and family life, we can engage them, get them to ‘make



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Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2020 Keygen

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