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If you weren't aware yet, Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County is a newly formed volunteer-led non-profit organization dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs. We are focused on providing resources and opportunities for those looking to expand their business.

It takes a lot of work and effort to build a non-profit from ground up and we want to show you the team helping this organization's mission. For today's WE Feature The Team, we are incredibly excited to introduce you to Marie Papp, WE of Hudson County's Visitor Host!

About Marie

Marie has earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has won numerous awards from The Knot & New Jersey Bride. She was recently named Best Photographer from NJ Meetings & Events. Capturing gorgeous headshots, portraits, wedding and event images in her hometown of Hoboken for over 20 years. Marie is intuitive, heart centered and merges her fashion sense to her rebranding headshots as she is also a stylist for luxury menswear J.Hilburn. Marie makes time for her love of singing and acting while enjoying outdoor activities in Asheville & Vermont. 

Tell me about yourself + your business.

With over 20 years as a photographer, I've mastered the ability of bringing out the best in people in a photograph with my keen eye for beauty. I love putting people at ease in front of the camera and using my intuitive sense. My acting background comes in handy as I work with people to relax them. I will do what is necessary to get my clients to connect with me so the viewer can sense their aliveness - all while having fun in the process.  Fun is very important as so many clients have difficulty being photographed. When I photograph babies and families, I look for the uniqueness about the child and want to show the warmth of the family together so they will be able to cherish those memories years down the road. With weddings and events, I am capturing those quiet moments in addition to the larger moments. 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Creativity inspired me!  I am now the architect of my day and my life.  Being an entrepreneur means I get to be creative with how I earn a living and I am in charge of how I spend my time.  I love that freedom to design my life. 

What obstacles or struggles did you overcome and how did you get through it?

Working very hard to finance the business while working a full time job.  I also had to work through the fear that I could do this - I had a VERY supportive friend who kept reminding that I can do this!  In the course of having a business there will be ups and downs.  You must stick to your vision and remember “WHY" you are doing this.  Always remember your WHY!

Why did you join the WE of Hudson County team? 

I want to be part of this exciting group of women entrepreneurs and it will be a great way to network and support other women business owners.  We can all learn and grow from each other and have a fun time doing it. 

Why do you think WE of Hudson County is important to the community?

We need a well organized group with strong leadership.  We had one for a short time and it was successful and very helpful and it ceased to exist so I think this is a great opportunity to re-engage a strong group of women.

What are some of your best tools you like to use to help run your business?

Pomadoro Technique — setting a timer to get certain tasks done without interruption. MailChimp is a good system for emails and my new website has some great features too that I will be implementing.

What advice would you give to someone who is in the beginning stages of starting their business?

Find a really good system to keep and manage your clients from day 1.  Keep in touch with those clients on a regular basis.  If you are able to find a mentor that would be a great support for you.  Surround yourself with a good network of supportive people because sometimes being an entrepreneur can be lonely.  Keep up with you non-work activities to balance out the many work hours and book your time off in Advance.  Otherwise you just might wind up working all the time. And remember to have Fun!  You will meet so many great people along the way and you will make a difference!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Marie and her business! Please let us know what you loved about her the most down in the comments below! Stay tuned for more WE Feature The Team!!

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