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If you weren't aware yet, Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County is a newly formed volunteer-led non-profit organization dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs. We are focused on providing resources and opportunities for those looking to expand their business.

It takes a lot of work and effort to build a non-profit from ground up and we want to show you the team helping this organization's mission. For today's WE Feature The Team, we are incredibly excited to introduce you to Dorian Cattani, WE of Hudson County's Secretary!

About Dorian:

Life is full of transitions, whether it be a new apartment, a new career, or a major event, Dorian has been through them all! The art of reinventing her clothes and creating different outfits really came out of necessity, but quickly became something she enjoyed. Only keeping what she loved in her closet, focusing on quality over quantity and decluttering, helped her make better wardrobe decisions with less mistakes. Having wardrobe confidence became her goal every time she got dressed and that is exactly what she focuses on when she's rescuing her clients. Dorian is in her 5th year sharing her wardrobe secrets and styling clients in the New Jersey and NYC area. Dorian is a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She enjoys walking along the Gold Coast in Weehawken, NJ with her Shih Tzu Bella Mia and continuing her efforts in saving senior dogs from living their last days in a shelter.

Tell me about yourself + your business.

I've been obsessing over having the perfect outfit for every occasion my entire life. Thankfully, it wasn't all a waste, since it led me to my true passion and the school of my dreams. I moved around a lot in the retail and wholesale industries and after some time I knew it wasn't for me. However, what was working was the casual pop-in's I would do in my sisters and friends closets and advice I would give them. And all it took was one male friend to say, "You should make this a business" and so The Closet Rescue was born. With all the years tending to my own closet, having the influence of a fashionista mom and having an array of fashionable and non-fashionable friends to bounce ideas off of, it was time to share how I could achieve true style and create a place of worth in one’s closet. 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit mixed with confidence and an outgoing personality. But that doesn't make you an entrepreneur or pay your bills. What I realized was, I had a wealth of knowledge behind me mixed with true passion and a natural gift which catapulted me and my confidence. Then I took several free entrepreneur classes, networked, bartered and learned how to build a website.

What obstacles or struggles did you overcome and how did you get through it?

The biggest obstacle was knowing my worth and increasing my rates each year. Luckily, what helped me through it all was my dear friends who wouldn't dare have me rescue them without paying and other business owners paying as well. Giving me the strength I needed. 

Why did you join the WE of Hudson County team? 

My friend and fellow entrepreneur Sabrina Sarabella have been attending business events in NJ for several years now. We have spoken about starting a group of our own. As much as I appreciated the conversation I knew starting one wasn't for me. However when she mentioned working with this group I jumped right on it. This just made much more sense to me and extremely thrilled to be part of the leadership team.

Why do you think WE of Hudson County is important to the community?

Having the support from other women entrepreneurs is everything. It's important for women to set examples for one another and share what they know. I truly believe in business the ‘struggle is real’ and it’s best to be apart of something which reflects this tight knit community and this is the group that will do just that! 

What are some of your best tools you like to use to help run your business?

My tools are unique and my own: I am my brand and my service however what does help me and my clients stay connected is the vision boards I create after a rescue. Which you can shop directly from created on Pinterest ~ but will soon move to Hue & Stripe. 

What advice would you give to someone who is in the beginning stages of starting their business?

Network your ass off. Research your industry and similar industries. And each year - do it again. Know your brand and know what you want your message to be to the world. You can always start small but you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself either. Also, No one will tear you down like your own inner voice. Be strong.  

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Dorian and her business! Please let us know what you loved about her the most down in the comments below! Stay tuned for more WE Feature The Team!!

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