Perspective Is Everything!

Your perspective on your business and your life is everything. People are always talking about different perspectives, good or bad and how it influences their everyday thinking. There is no getting around how it can shape your views, life, and choices.

The thing is perspective can and will determine so much about the success of your business as well as your life. A negative perspective will generate a negative outcome, and a positive outlook will create a positive result, the majority of the time. Now that is not a science, but it is a theory many people have proven to be true in life.

It doesn't mean you have to always be positive and upbeat or that you can't ever have a negative perspective on a subject. Some things happen in life that shapes our perspective on specific topics or situations. Generally, these things are out of our control and are imprinted in us forever. Those are cases where your view is ingrained and maybe unchangeable.

Perspective is an exciting thing. Two people can have completely different views on say a specific day of the year. For example, my oldest niece was born on April 20, 1999. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I always associate the day with a happy memory, even though it was the day of the Columbine School shootings and I watched the day's events unfold as I waited for my niece to be born.

My good friend, however, was in Columbine on that tragic day. She was blessed to be unharmed, but the shooting had an unimaginable impact on her life and still does 20 years later. Our perspectives of this one day are so drastically different, yet each one is imprinted forever in us. There is very little that could or would change either one of our perspectives of that day.

The reason perspective is everything is because it shapes our lives. It shapes our outlooks, determination, as well as fear and defeat. What I am trying to say is when you can control your perspective or viewpoint, do it in a way that will be beneficial to your life. Whether it is personal or business your perspective is everything.

Perspective is also a fascinating topic to think about because there is no right or wrong. It is all about how a person looks at various things in life, which is the beauty of everyone being wired differently, as well as having unique personalities. Pretty cool if you think about it.

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