Networking Wednesday-How to Remember a Name

During networking meetings it can be overwhelming meeting so many new people that you may not be able to remember everyone’s name and what they do.

Here are a few simple tips on how to remember a name of someone you met.

Focus. Many time when we are having a conversation with someone we aren’t focusing on the conversation we are having right then.

We are thinking about the tasks we need to do later or the fight we had with our spouse earlier in the day, etc. The first thing you need to do when asking for someone’s name is to focus and listen to what they are telling you.

Repeat the name back to them. When a person tells you their name, repeat it back. Say “Hi (Their Name) it’s it great to meet you” while shaking their hand and making eye contact.

Focus on a particular feature on the persons face.”

Pick out a facial feature that may be easy to remember. Look at the person's face and search for the most distinguishing feature, whether it is a small nose, large ears, unusual hairdo, or deep dimples.

Often the first outstanding feature you notice is the easiest to recall later. Connecting a name to a visual trait helps anchor the name in your memory.” says Gary Small.

Connect the name with someone or something you already know. If you meet a person with the name Betty, maybe you connect it with the celebrity Betty White of the Golden Girls.

Think about what kind of connection you can make that will remind you of the person’s name in the future.

Repeat the name on your goodbye. The more times that you say the name the more you will remember and connect with the name with the person.

So be sure to say goodbye to the person using they name when you leave.

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