Meet our WE Ambassadors

We are so proud that more and more people are joining the leadership team! You may have already met our WE Ambassadors, but if you haven't be sure to keep reading!

Our WE Ambassadors are an extension of our executive leadership team, intended to further raise awareness of our community and bring new fresh ideas to the table. Each person on the leadership team is a volunteer and taking time out of their busy day to help this organization!

Introducing... our WE Ambassadors:

Laura McKelvie

As the wellness conSOULtant, Laura connects people to SOUL support and spiritual sidekicks--AKA crazy good healers and wellness spaces--in Hoboken, Jersey City and NYC. She does this through one on one work and events while sipping natural wine.

Lissa Welles

Lissa is a transformation coach, empowering people to create healthy bodies and healthy bank accounts. She is also the co-owner of Basic Builders, the premiere IKEA kitchen designer and installer in the region.

Vanessa Tregenza

Vanessa is a transformation coach helping people to level up their health by providing systems for weight loss, performance + energy, vitality + well-being, pregnancy + postpartum nutrition. She coaches clients to achieve financial wellness and create their ideal lifestyle.

Heather Harmon

Heather is an experienced sales and marketing professional [15 years], with 2 degrees in Marketing and (digital) Strategy. She can help you create a marketing plan, drive more sales, gain more clients, and educate about you and your product or service. Heather can help guide you down the path to achieving your vision!

We absolutely love our new additions to the team! If you run into them, feel free to say hi and get to know them more!

Want to join the team? Email us at

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