International Women’s Day A Reminder To Celebrate Women Every Day

Today is International Women's Day. Countries all over the world celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is a day about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action brought about by all women, not one group, country or organization.

It is essential to understand the history of International Women's Day as you celebrate it, which you can do by checking this week's Topic Tuesday blog, Today is all about women, in some countries it is even a considered a national holiday.

The kind of devotion, honor, and empowerment shown today, should happen every single day. Women deserve to be celebrated daily because women are still fighting for equality, for recognition, for safety and so much more.

Let's take the empowerment of this fantastic day and keep it going throughout the year. The calendar doesn't have to say March 8th to celebrate women. It should happen every day. So, take the inspiration from today and apply it to your daily life. Keep the momentum moving!

One way to keep the spirt of International Women’s Day alive is to let a female who inspires or empowers you that she does those things. There doesn’t have to be grand accolades or quotes or messages every day, a tiny gesture or act can go a long way in celebrating women.

Women, we are fierce so shine, be proud, be supportive and always be kind! Happy International Women's Day.

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