How to Follow Up After Your Networking Meeting

So you attended your networking meeting, made some good connections, what happens next?

The follow up!!

Here are some tips on how to follow up with a connection after your event.

Reach out to them and tell them it was great to meet them and mention a conversation from the event that the two of you had so that they can make the connection of what you talked about. The best way to do this is with an email or social media account that they provided to you.

Offer to help make a connection for them. In your reach out to them offer to make a connection for them. Is there someone you know that is looking for a service they offer? Let them know that you will connect them and will keep them in mind in the future with other people who will need their service.

Connect with them social media or Linked in. Linked In I and their business social media accounts are great ways to keep in contact with your connection. You will be able to keep a pulse on their business this way and see how you can work with them in the future.

Do extend an offer for a free demo or an info session about your product or service but don’t harass them about it. Just sending them 1 to 2 emails or reach outs is sufficient. If they want your services they will reply to you and if they don’t they should reply and let you know that they are not in need of your service at this point but will keep you in mind in the future.

Suggest a way that you could possibly collaborate but if not then keep them in mind for the future.

Look to influence. See how you can introduce two people who can help each other and ask to make that introduction. It always makes you look good as you are always remembered as the person who made the introduction.

Add them to your database or excel spreadsheet, you may not have use for them today but maybe in the future.

Don’t put them on your newsletter list and spam them without their permission.

Say ‘thank you’ Thank the host of the event. This is a great way to start a connection that you did not have before.

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