How to Craft Your Elevator Pitch

You have only a few seconds to sell yourself before the other person loses interest in what you have to say.

So how do you get your point across and get the other person to be excited to talk to you in just a few seconds?

Here are some simple tips:

Keep it to 30 seconds or less, some even say to keep it at 7 seconds, that is the average person’s attention span.

Start with a question. Starting your pitch with a questions allows you to intrigue your audience and allows for open dialogue.

Craft your question around the pain point the client you are trying to attract. Be sure to use language they would use so you can connect with that audience.

Answer that question with what you do. Now that you have that person’s attention tell them how you solve their problems and why they should work with your or buy from you. Give them a little information about your skills and how you work with people.

Having that simple opening showing that you know what your potential client is struggling with and that you solve their problem will have them asking you how you do it and how they can work with you!

Remember to keep it short, ask a question, create a dialogue, make it relatable, keep it simple, and pique the listener’s interest.

Avoid speaking too fast to get all the information in a short period of time and avoid rambling on! Remember short and to the point!

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