Give Yourself A Break You’re Only Human!

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This is a PSA to everyone out there. Give yourself a break, remember you are only human!

In a world full of to-do lists, desired perfection, and way too busy lifestyles, it is easy to berate yourself when things do not get done or go your way. Remember though sometimes there is simply not enough time in the day and that is not your fault.

Think about the times you get angry at yourself for not finishing a to-do list or even sitting on the couch to relax when you should be cleaning. Stop doing this to yourself. You're only human!

There is a notion in today's world that we as humans can't make mistakes or fail at things, but that is simply not true. Life is all about trial and error, which is why when life does not go your way, do not beat yourself up. It is human nature not to be perfect, and by the way, why would you want to be?

It is ok to mess up. It does not mean that you don't measure up. The two do not go hand in hand. So, the next time you are dealt a life blow, or you just feel like nothing you do is right, remember to give yourself a break. You are human, and life happens. Stop torturing yourself when life gets off track.

Finally, take the time to appreciate yourself and everything you do. Give yourself a break by taking care of yourself. After all, the only person's happiness and well-being you can control is your own.

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