WE Meetup After Dark: Wellness Edition

Monday, June 24th 6-8:30PM

Athleta - Hoboken

WE Meetup is a networking/referral focused meetup where you can come to network, find inspiration, learn about ways to build your business, and be part of a supportive community. Woman Entrepreneurs of Hudson County is a non-profit organization, so we do ask that attendees donate $15 to attend this event early-bird tickets are $10. All proceeds will be going toward operational expenses and future events. This is our WE Meetup After Dark: Wellness Edition - collaborating with our newest WE Hub for our members, Wellness Lab! What to expect: Sabrina Sarabella, our networking specialist, will start the event off with a great meditative activity. Jalpa Dhaduk, representing Wellness Lab, will share her tips on eating for energy! Local vendors will have small pop-ups, featuring Seazen Soap, Shaka Bowl, Blooming Lotus Jewelry, and The Wellness Consoultant! Meet local female entrepreneurs and make connections!

Manifesting Abundance & Success Workshop at One/Sol

Tuesday, June 25th 7:15-8:45PM


What does Abundance and Success look like to you? Possibly having more money in the bank? Or more opportunities for career growth? Perhaps feeling at ease in your body? When we find ourselves striving for the next level of our lives - and we just can't get there - it's most likely a block in our subconscious beliefs and energy field that has us stuck.

Hudson County Business Network

Wednesday, June 26th 7-8:30AM

Malibu Diner

ATTENTION LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS! Join us at Hudson Connections next Wednesday morning to learn more about our thriving group! We have created a very powerful networking group with the purpose of passing business referrals between members. This year we are on track to pass $400,000 of referrals between members. Imagine what that can do for your business. Meet us at Malibu Diner at 7am! Please be sure to bring $12 for breakfast (tip included) and plenty of business cards!

Free Yoga Outdoors

Wednesday, June 26th 6:30-7:30PM

14th St Viaduct Bridge Hoboken

Yoga! Join me on Weds June 26th in the north end of Hoboken for outdoor Yoga as a part of Hoboken's Summer Fun in the Cty programs for 2019! We practice on concrete surface, so bring a mat and any other items that you like for your practice such as a towel, blocks, blanket. Dress in layers. If it is rainy, thats usually ok too since we are underneath the viaduct and will be shielded from the elements. I will teach here again on Weds Aug 28th! I will also be out on the waterfront for July 18th and Sept 19th and mediation on Aug 14th

Soundscape Meditation

Friday, June 28th 6:30-7:30PM

Hudson Yoga Project

Immerse yourself in a peaceful and deeply restorative Soundscape Meditation that soothes and re-harmonizes your mind, body, and spirit. A Soundscape Meditation is a full-body listening experience that incorporates a unique blend of sonic textures, tones, and vibrations that support the release of stress and tension within the mind and body. The sounds will be created through a variety of highly resonant percussive instruments, crystal singing bowls, chimes, guitar, and voice. The experience will also include a guided meditation, reiki, essential oils, and a cleansing crystal to enhance and deepen your relaxation experience. Megan Chappius (MT-BC) is a full-time Music Therapist, Singer-Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist based in New Jersey. She works with children and adults with complex medical conditions and varying developmental disabilities. In addition, she plays live music for yoga studios, local venues, private events, and music festivals.

Adopt a Pet

Saturday, June 29th 12-3PM

Pier 13 Hoboken

Come to Pier this weekend to adopt a pet! Liberty Humane Society will be here with dogs you could adopt! What's better than the pier and puppies?!

Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County is a volunteer-led 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to building a supportive community that promotes genuine connections and business growth. We are focused on providing resources and opportunities to women entrepreneurs looking to expand their business.

Interested in donating to our organization? Email us at

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