Hudson County Business Network

Wednesday, October 9th 7-8:30AM

Malibu Diner


ATTENTION LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS! Join us at Hudson Connections next Wednesday morning to learn more about our thriving group! We have created a very powerful networking group with the purpose of passing business referrals between members. This year we are on track to pass $400,000 of referrals between members. Imagine what that can do for your business. Meet us at Malibu Diner at 7am! Please be sure to bring $12 for breakfast (tip included) and plenty of business cards!

Peace of Mind Meditation

Wednesday, October 9th 7-8PM

JackRabbit Hoboken


Free meditation for people with all experience levels. A guided introduction to the Happiness Program!

The Power of 3: Radiate Your Power With The Solar Plexus

Wednesday, October 9th\ 7:30-9PM

Acuworx Acupuncture Studio – Jersey City


The solar plexus chakra is a source of personal power and governs confidence, courage, and self-worth; what we believe we deserve. Oftentimes, our core beliefs conflict with the those conditioned into us from childhood and society. Clearing the solar plexus allows us to return to our true belief. It opens our ability to overcome fear, master thoughts and emotions, and take action. A clear and healthy solar plexus chakra empowers us to follow our true path without distraction. Through the vehicles of Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Acupuncture, correlating to the mind, spirit, and body, we’ll create a balanced third chakra to shine your light and be your authentic self. Please arrive by 7:15PM to check in. Event starts promptly at 7:30PM. Guests should wear loose clothing and must bring their own yoga mat. $50

Hoboken Waterfront Walk & Talk

Thursday, October 10th 6-7PM

Garden and 15th Street Hoboken, NJ


A guided walk through the natural landscape of the Hoboken Waterfront, led by Fund for Better Waterfront's Executive Director, Ron Hine, who will share how the waterfront has been transformed over the decades. Join fellow open space enthusiasts in getting a bit of exercise and fresh air as we connect with one another around our mutual love of the Hoboken waterfront, a true gem on the Hudson River.

Meet the Artists: Tara Patrice & Angelica Pasquali

Thursday, October 10th 6:30-9PM

D's Soul Full Café


Stop by on Thursday Evening Oct 10th and meet painter Tara Patrice and photographer Angelica Pasquali. Their pieces are available to purchase and all proceeds will go to the artists themselves. Our kitchen will be open, serving up the best sandwiches in town with special party discounts. As always, this will be an alcohol-free event, so bring the kids! If you can, please bring items to donate to the Hoboken Shelter. For a list of what is needed, visit:


Python I for Adult Beginners

Thursday, October 10th 7-9PM

Monroe Center


Begin your journey towards becoming a developer, fast-tracking your career, or just challenging yourself with our Python I course for adult beginners. Work with our smart, fun teachers in a small group at our beautiful studio in Hoboken, NJ. Ten two-hour sessions on Thursdays beginning October 10th to December 19th. You WILL become a great coder. You got this!


Sunday, October 13th 12-1:30PM

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten


Let's face it. Finding community is difficult. Of all the miracles Jesus performed, perhaps the most amazing was finding 12 close friends in his early thirties. But you don't need to be the Son of God to get connected to a community. That's why you should come to Grouplink. This fall, Mile Square Church is kicking off four new Connect groups to help you grow in your faith and find new friends. Grouplink is your chance to meet others who are looking to get connected, learn what groups are available, and sign-up for one that makes sense for you. So join us for lunch after church on Sunday at the Biergarten and #GetConnected. You can look at or sign-up for a Connect group online here. Questions? Email the church at hello@milesquare.church or call 201-754-5271.

Wax On / Encaustic Painting

Sunday, October 13th 1-3PM

Field Colony


Cost: $39 / 4 Classes for $119 Encaustic is the name for both a wax painting and a painting process involving heat to apply and fuse the medium. The name encaustic comes from the greek enkaustikos which means “to heat” or “to burn”. Heat is used throughout the encaustic painting process to layer and melt the wax elements onto the canvas. In this class you will guided on the use a handheld heat gun to melt colored waxes through a variety of techniques. Your final composition can be self-directed or provided for you by the instructor. All Tools and Materials are Provided

Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County is a volunteer-led 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to building a supportive community that promotes genuine connections and business growth. We are focused on providing resources and opportunities to women entrepreneurs looking to expand their business.

Interested in donating to our organization? Email us at weofhudsoncounty@gmail.com.

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