Don’t Get Upset At Naysayers Embrace Them Instead

Naysayers are a part of life that is a fact. They will invade your personal and professional life, and nothing can stop them. However, instead of getting upset, which is only hurting you, embrace those people. The reason for embracing naysayers is because they can actually help you grow your business and as a person too.

Even though at first glance naysayers come across as unsupportive and negative, the reality is they are merely people who are jealous or don't understand. When you embrace a naysayer, it means you take into account what the person is telling you but from a more positive perspective.

By chaining how you are viewing the naysayer's actions or words you may discover something about yourself or your business that would have never come to light otherwise. Plus, it also gives you the chance to enlighten them, which can be beneficial on many levels.

Now embracing those naysayers is not going to work all the time. Sometimes people are so miserable they just want everyone around them to be unhappy.

However, what I have come to learn in the couple of years I have had my writing business is that embracing or changing perspective is enlightening. For example, my brother does not understand me pursuing my writing career, especially since I work from home. He is always making jokes about me sitting on the couch eating bonbons all day long and not having a job. I would get so annoyed with him that I would ignore his phone calls.

I soon realized he doesn't get it. I quit a good paying 9 to 5 job and now am home all day, that is all he sees. Now instead of getting frustrated, I joke back with him and to be honest, his jokes and perspective has provided me with a new article topic. My brother is supportive in his own right but it unquestionably at times comes across as him being a naysayer. I changed my prescriptive of his view and decided to accept it. Now I use it for new material in my writing, which benefits me and my business.

As I mentioned about embracing a naysayer won't always work but when it does incredible things can happen. What do you think, do you agree or disagree?

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