Can I come to both Informational Panel Events?

Of course! Each event will feature different speakers, stories of inspiration and stories of success. 

Can I opt into more than one masterclass event?

Yes! As a member in good standing, you will have the opportunity to opt into other Master Classes as well. 

Does everyone who applies for a mentor get selected?

Due to demand, we will cap the program at 100 mentee participants.

It is highly required  that you attend one of our informational events in November or December 2020. 

I’ve never Mentored before, can I become a Mentor?

YES, we encourage all women who are interested in mentoring to join us. We will provide guidelines for success, and recommendations to make for successful engagements. 

Can I mentor more than one person?

Absolutely. While mentoring is a commitment, if you feel you have the capacity and desire to mentor more than one individual at a time, you certainly can. 

Is this for women only? 

NO! All are welcome. WE Hudson County and it's programs WeMentors is an inclusive organization. We encourage you to join and participate.

How do I sign up?

Attend our Informational WE Mentor Event Collaboration Over Competition:  November 17th at 8 am or December 8th at 4pm.


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